College of Fine Arts and Creative Design

Tunghai University’s plan for the College of Fine Arts and Creative Design has rooted in 2005 and has been approved by the Ministry of Education in 2006. Starting in the academic year 2007, the college will begin to accept students to the seventh college of the university.

The College of Fine Arts and Creative Design will provide a more innovation environment for students, teachers, and other related departments, and facilitate interdisciplinary studies and research. By doing so, a well-rounded concept to respect the differences between every human being is essential among teachers and students. Furthermore, to inspire students and appreciate their creativity is an important task for every faculty and staff member.

This college includes the following departments, Fine Arts, Music, Architecture, Industrial Design, and Landscape Architecture. They are transferred from Arts College, Engineering College, and Agricultural College. These five departments have their traditional background in their fields and are recognized in Taiwan. The themes of this new college are ‘Adventure-Based Creativity’, ‘Fundamental Creativity’, and ‘Artistry-based Creativity’. By following these themes, the new thoughts by talented professionals will bring a new look to the world.

Inspired by the concept in the Blue Ocean Strategy, a popular book on business, the emphasis of the college is to explore the wider, deeper potential of market space, like the untouched “blue” ocean, rather than competing in existing industries. Therefore it is essential to provide our students with advanced technical training and relevant research programs so they can meet the demands for research and creative personnel in this filed. A college level lab, the ‘ABC media Laboratory’ has been set up for this purpose.

The need for interdisciplinary talent is increasing. To incorporate music, fine arts, landscape, industrial design, architecture, social aspects, and business administration will be a challenge in the creative industry. It is our belief that ‘Interdisciplinary Art Form’ will be the future.