Tunghai University began its plans for a college of arts and design in 2005.  After receiving approval from the Ministry of Education, the College of Fine Arts and Creative Design officially became the 7th college in Tunghai University in 2006.  The College of Fine Arts and Creative Design integrated five different departments from four schools: Department of Fine Arts and Department of Music (integrated from College of Arts), Department of Architecture and Department of Industrial Design (integrated from College of Engineering) and Department of Landscape Architecture (integrated from College of Agricultural).  In addition, the College established a creative lab called ABC Media Lab and Master Program of Performing and Creative Arts, enhanced the faculty roster, and expanded its digital design and performing center facilities.  Today, the College of Fine Arts and Creative Design has developed into the most unique art college in the nation.



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Department Structure

ABC Media Lab

Master Program of Performing and Creative Arts

Department of Art

Department of Architectural Design

Department of Industrial Design

Department of Landscape Architecture

Department of Music

Unique Characteristics

The arts and humanities programs at Tunghai University have been well-regarded since their establishment, with the Departments of Architecture, Art and Music earning particularly high distinction in the academic field.  While maintaining its excellence in classical training, the College of Fine Arts and Creative Design has integrated science and technology in its curriculum.  Specifically, the College has worked with neighboring businesses at the Central Taiwan Science Park and Taichung Industrial Park to provide students with a platform to pursue creative design in science and business.  In addition, the College established its own ABC Media Lab, which brings together professionals, artists and designers from around the world to provide students with a variety of theoretical and practical learning experiences.

Future Aspiration

Integrating creative design, humanity and digital technology has become an important mainstream global trend.  Recognizing this, the College of Fine Arts and Creative Design continues to build upon its strong foundation of existing faculty with new faculty members who are top experts in their fields.  The College rewards creative teaching styles and research and also encourages teachers and students to participate in national and international design competitions, design studios, exhibitions and performances.  The College emphasizes the importance of theoretical and practical applications in order to improve students’ competitiveness in the future job market.  Our ultimate aspiration is to become the leading institution in arts and humanities in the country as well as an influential force in teaching and research globally.


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